Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kinda foolish

If it's meant to be then it'll be. 
Super cliche all but what else can you say to comfort yourself and people when things don't work out?

It's only 12.27am god..time passes so freaking slow today, and everyday.

Friday, 1 May 2015


Super super lazy to study....:(

Bought this poster during BBW book sale in December 2013. And I was studying and trying to think about something I looked up and realized Paul McCartney wasn't wearing any shoes!!! Omg this is shocking cos Paul(or any other Beatle) wouldn't do things without a reason. So I googled for it so many people said he's dead or some sort of nonsense cos in Italy the dead is buried barefoot.

Hey Paul is alive and fine ok. 


Thursday, 30 April 2015

O captain

"English teacher John Keating inspires his students to discover their love for poetry and seize the day."

That's what they described Dead Poets Society, the 1989 film.
I know it must be a good film, I know it's one of Robin Williams' best. I know it's gonna be some inspiring film- and no matter how cliche this kind of film is, it's still going to catch people's hearts. No one hates films like this anyway.


It's unexpected. Everything is unexpected. 
The famous line "Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary."  is not how you imagined it to be...

Everything is not.

I found myself sobbing so hard at the final scene.
"O Captain! My Captain!" 

"O Captain! My Captain!"

When a film makes you cry, do not let it go.

Man...what a film.

Monday, 27 April 2015

last weekend of april

Soooooo sleepy now and I have class tomorrow T.T but I wanna blog about today and yesterday night fast cos I dont wanna drag hahaha. OK gonna do it fast.

Yesterday 25th April's my baby 13th birthday! We had a small party at home but more like a gathering for my mom cos the guests are all her friends and a few of her friends' daughters lolol.

Dayummm look how tall he is already! My baby thats my baby!:)

And my godmama aka my yiyi :) her birthday was a few days ago. 

The Leong family :)


I look pretty here mah.

Today morning woke up at 10am and rushed to Sunway Pyramid w mom and brother zzzzzz. Thanks to my mom who bought Avengers tickets for my brother and his 7 other friends at 11am.

After meeting up w brother's friends, mom and I went for breakfast!

Cafe Bene is overrated they said...I think they're really good, but extremely overpriced. I'm surprised that their waffle is really good!

I swear I look so ugly with those brows. 

After they were done w the movie mom and I brought them to Papa John to have lunch and celebration :)
Hehehe <3

Then the kids went off to play laser tag and all other teeny stuffs while mom and I continued shopping :)

Mom loved the top! But I don't think I am gonna wear it so nvr buy.

Mom is obsessed w me.

I swear she asked me to wear shades one hahahaha.
''Mommy you think my future very bright isit?!''

fitting room fun~~

THAI FOOD FOR DINNER. I love my Kangkung belacan T.T I've almost forgotten about my love for thai food.

 Aside from clothes bags and all the ladies stuff, I also got something I am REALLY happy about :)

Happiness costs money but its really happiness LOL

TWO BOTTLES!! Cos got promotion hahahaha. Shit it smells so so so so good.

Happiest buy of the day :) Finally.
Surprisingly mom didn't nag me for buying it!(she paid for it somemore) I think cos I showed her some of my recent artwork and she got so impressed LOLOLOL.
Oh I got new glasses too finally! Second glasses in my life after Ugly betty. You guys still remember my ugly betty specs I love very much right?!
On my last day of work two days ago. I took pictures with my students and one of them called Amanda requested me to send the pictures to the mother's phone cos she wants to keep it. And I did. I didn't tell her I was leaving so she texted me. 
Right after the message I replied, she called me using her mom's phone. I was in a restaurant with my mom and brother so quite shocked when she called I thought it was her mom or something hahahaa. Once I picked up it was her, the 8 years old Amanda, in her super cute high pitched voice.

Its so high pitched and cute my mom sitting across the table heard what she said too, she said why your student so cute.

She was so manja keep asking me why I resign. She kept asking me to go back and teach cos she's gonna miss me so much. 
Man she kept repeating, and ask me if I would go back, maybe two or three months later. 
I swear, I was gonna cry.

I was smiling so widely and that was genuine. I am happy, so happy one of my kids called me to say all the things. I wanted to cry so bad so bad at the same time I think my tears were rolling inside ma eyes already.
We talked for a few minutes, I didn't know what to say. 

She kept on manja me say teacherrrrrr why must you leaveeeeeeee.......

shit man my heart shattered.
I worked for only 3 months.

that was all.

How come i get so attached as well??

I am going to miss my kids so, so , so much. 

so much that i've already started crying 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

blog songs

Don't ask me why I blog everyday...I am this bored.
I have so much time even after watching one episode of Band of Brothers, study, read my Kee Thuan Chye book, walk around the house, fetch brother I STILL HAVE FREE TIME hahaha. I think its mainly because I sleep very late but wake up quite early. 

So this girl came and annoy me while our moms went out together.

This girl ah her cheeks super nice to pinch hehe.

I made another playlist for my blog!! I have 26 songs now if you want to know what song is it you can click on the icon on your top right. 

Made it more organized. I stated their song names. They're all from a certain movies or TV series so the bracketed ones are which TV series/movies they're from. And all these films/series are my favourites! Most of them are the greatest films in my list! Well i don't want to put soundtracks of movies that I don't like or I've never watched, the feeling is different!
I removed some songs that are a bit painful to hear and did not suit my blog such as overly dramatic LOTR songs and Titanic soundtracks.

Added in some of my new fav songs such as Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Bob Dylan from The Walking Dead, and one super emotional soundtrack for me, Una Mattina from the amazing film The Intouchables. Seriously, I feel like crying listening to it, so so sad!

I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do :)


I had a long long dream..a combination of my life and walking dead, and maybe a little of Band of Brothers.

Woke up feeling dazed don't know what to do with my life.

:( another end of journey

Its the last two classes! I am so sad...:( While sending and greeting the kids' parents when they came to pick them up, I felt so upset cos...I don't know, I really loved the kids. :(

And I think they like me too!!! :( But of course I didn't tell any of them that its my last day as their teacher.. I hope after I left the other teachers will pamper them like how I did too! But my way is terrible for a teacher cos other teachers focus more on teaching them while I play with them like they're babies. hahahaha. 

Sigh. I am really sad. 

My naughty boy. Naughty naughty boy >;( 
I bought all of them mamee monster!! :D

Baby Kishur :D

This is my naughty little baby!!

She forced me to sit on her lap HAHAHA

I'll miss you kids so much.