Friday, 3 July 2015

On earth as it is in heaven

Really curious about the composer of Lolita's soundtrack.. What made him produce such hopeless music??
I listened to a few of his work on Spotify and I was getting such strong goosebumps...I'm surprised I'm really am. I was so moved by this particular soundtrack called Gabriel's Obore, main theme of a 1986 film I've never heard of, The Mission.

I am so moved so moved. I have to check this film out. 
I googled about it...surprised to know the lead actors were Robert De Niro, Liam Neeson, some other I've never heard of and last..but definitely not least..

Jeremy Irons. 
Aka Lolita's lead. 

I HAVE to see this film. It's gonna be good

Ennio Morricone, you good man

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I wish this jam would never end
It's my refuge.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Look what do I have here.............
I am very happy and excited to start the my first Vladimir Nabokov journey! Heard a lot bout this guy, from the internet when I was reading the 1997 film reviews. Been searching for it for a while now and got extremely excited when Wei Ying told me she has it. :)

I was doing assignment, opened my blog and left it there to just listen to my oh so beautiful blog songs. Of course they're all very sad and emotional but I've listened to them way too many times they do affect me, but not as much now. Until that one soundtrack I am so afraid of came up, my heart dropped. 

It sounded way too hopeless I uncontrollably looked up to the ceiling and sigh.

Lolita...why do you have so much so much of hopelessness..
I tell you, this film is not just a masterpiece. Its in my head ever since I watched it more than a month ago. There's not a day goes by that I don't think bout it. 
I read the first page. Wanted to start next week cos I still have assignments, but hell I couldn't resist it. 

First page- so beautiful written I felt like I am a flying cotton light so beautiful so lovely.

I don't know if I can do this...

I still look at the pictures on my desk + the pic of my baby boys in my wallet and STILL CRY. even after more than a year.

i fucking miss them.

i really do, i love them with all my heart.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tanjung Jara, Kuala Terengganu

Finally found the mood to blog!!! This is gonna be a very heavy post with over 100 pictures! Your eyes are in for a treat ;) HAHA.
I've been quite busy the past week, had a test and falling sick(again) and all :( Not to forget that my sleeping problems are entering week 3. I can hardly sleep at night...I just couldn't fall asleep at all!!! That is so so bad cos the next day I become very exhausted and moody, don't have the mood for anything let alone paying attention in class. :( I'm still having the sleeping problems now many of my friends told me to try the breathing method, which I did but to little avail! :( Sigh. I don't know. Hopefully this gets better soon.

Last Thursday my family(parents+ bro) went to Kuala Terengganu for a weekend stay. I didn't join cos I was gonna have a test on Friday. I was actually quite excited cos I am gonna be home alone!!! I secretly invited my friends over to play mahjong after our test on Friday then sleepover :D 

So after my test I went Burgerlab w my friends. Mehhhh I hate every burger except for Spicy Chicken McDeluxe ok. hahaha. My mom suddenly informed me that they are extending their stay for another day, coming back only on Sunday, and they WANT ME TO GO THERE to join them. I thought my mom was kidding but yeah...

Before I realised it, the first flight of next day to Kuala Terengganu was booked.
At night we went Sri Petaling for steamboat with the other volunteers from Epic Homes!(aka the organization I joined in Kelantan) 
This is Jason staining his pants w tomyum soup :D
Met so many new awesome people!! It was a very fun night :)

Second day my darling friend KS sent me to the airport. HAIH how to not love him!!! The previous day we had our test he slept only for 2 hours!! Then was our driver for whole day. He slept over at my house and volunteered to send me to the airport at 8am T.T sigh thank you so so much.

 Another flight alone- conquered! hehe.

Arrived in an extremely empty and creepy airport of Kuala Terengganu an hour later. The resort my family stayed in was an hour and half away wtf I don't even know why my parents wanted me there so badly that theyre willing to drive so far to pick me up LOL. But of course, my presence made everything more fun 8)

Hello baby!
Some cute roti bakar.

We visited the Chinatown half an hour away from the airport. Surprised to see that eventhough it was a Saturday there were very little tourists! 

I loveeeeeeeee this alley.

WTF...they asked me to take a candid picture of them LOL 
''你们以为你们是Beyond 是吗???''

Brother who didn't want to have a pic with me cos I was sick.

I love this wall!!!

Sigh. My tan lines on my legs wont go away. Its been 3 weeks since I came back from Kelantan I am really worried that my legs will stay this way oh god.

Love this candid pic taken by mom hehe. I call this the Terengganu Berlin wall :P

We stayed at this extremely beautiful resort called Tanjong Jara Resort. Its located at a very remote area so its a very very quiet but big place. How quiet is it? That my mom and I were at the pool at 6pm on a Saturday, we were the only two person there. Can you believe it!

The open backyard of our room. Bro and dad played their futsal there hahaha.

Thats a fake Triangl, if thats what youre thinking ;)

Empty beach on an evening. THATS HOW QUIET IT IS.

Thats our room!:)

Mom was making dad sleep like a baby.

Entrance to the spa village. Mom said their spa service is like RM800 for a few hours...god 
The very breathtaking pool. The pictures on my instagram were taken on the bed on the right! There are lots of beds like that all over the resort :) I super loveeeeeeee

Omg my mom is the most hardworking photographer ever. She's ALWAYS taking pictures of me asking me to change poses and all. HAHAH lots of girls would want a mom like that HAHAHA but I got so annoyed and keep telling my mom to stop taking pictures of me LOL. 

They have a lot of weird black rocks on the shore.

 It was so beautiful...

Mom so pretty in this pic


We have this open bathtub in our room but its outdoor LOL so weird

They have this movie screening by the pool that night! But nobody except a couple bothered to turn up LOLOL or should I say the resort had so little customers that I haven't seen many people around. The movie screening was very lovely T.T so beautiful. Such romantic thing to do!

Second day! We were checking out at 12pm so didn't do much in the morning and yeap I stayed there for a night only. hahaha
Mom made me take pic w every corner of the place.

I asked her to take this to show me how long my hair is HAHAHA
We left the place at about 12.30pm. Dropped by Bukit Tinggi for a tea time. Had so much  seafood ITS SO GOOD T.T 
Reached home at about 6.30pm! :)

Thats my spontaneous 2 days 1 night trip at Kuala Terengganu :) I enjoyed it! Gotta thank the parents.