Monday, 15 September 2014

Penang trip

In the first week of September, Charmaine, SynnJye, Joseph and I went for a 3days 2 nights trip in Penang! I think our last trip was during 2012, to Langkawi for forum. Maine, Qi and I went to Penang together before too, but during 2011's September for Leo Cabinet's installation. 3 of us went to a lot places before - Johor, Langkawi, Ipoh, Cameron those were the good times. Basically the trips we went together are all for leo events, so I was quite excited for a trip after a long time!

 Qi & I slept over at Maine's house the night before and at 6am, we went off to KLIA2. :)
  Watched the sunrise in the foodcourt of KLIA2. Quiet, peaceful, and breathtaking :)
Taking Malindo Air for the first time!:) Watched Hobbit in the plane hehe, What a great start of the trip.

Landed. Taken while we were waiting for the car rental person. We rented a Saga, RM312 for 3 days 2 nights. (and yes I finally created a Snapchat account, but I gave up using it already, don't find it interesting!)
We were so eager to have our first meal in Penang! All we could think about is Asam Laksa so we went to one of the high rated one. This is iced barley! I've started loving this beverage :)

FIRST MEAL!! Asam Laksa and Charmaine's prawn mee. I would say so-so only. I've eaten much better ones. :(

Whenever the three of them see something artistic they'll call out ''18 roundabouts!! Take this one faster'' HAHA. Joseph claimed that he took 18 roundabouts to reach my house the other day during my birthday so they can't stop mentioning it to emphasize on their effort in surprising me. And I find it quite interesting so I changed my other Instagram account to that, but changed back to @yeepeikiew cos it sounded funny to me. HAHA but they love it!

Wasn't satisfied so we went for 2nd lunch at the most famous Char Kuey Teow place - Khoon Hiong! We searched for this restaurant for about half an hour omg. We decided to give up and drove to our 2nd option- Restaurant Ah Leng, and found Khoon Hiong just right opposite it! Luckily it didn't disappoint us, the CKT was really good! But RM7 for a plate, so pricy. :( where's all the good RM3 char kuey teows?!?!?! #inflation


 3rd lunch. Just wanted to compare this Ah Leng to Khoon Hiong haha. Its RM7 too! But Khoon Hiong is better.
After 3 delicious lunches(it was only 1pm lol), we decided to check in our hotel to take a nap. Me being the heaviest sleeper in the group, slept through the whole journey. I always sleep in car hehe. Pretty lucky to have Jo to be our driver of the trip :)

I don't know how long did it take but I had a super nice sleep in the car. Woke up still feeling exhausted though. All I wanted was to go to my hotel room and sleep. :(
But the hotel is nice!

Our room. Its quite expensive but the service is extremely good.

View from our balcony.

We took a long nap which was one of the best things in the trip! The bed was very comfortable, I think I've enjoyed my sleep a lot for that 2 nights there. hehe.

Woke up and its time to change to our beach wearrrr.

Evening view from the balcony.

Maine DIY-ed shirts for herself,me & Qi! Its so nice! She let us choose our own design for the palm tree and base colour. I like hammock and I love blue :)



Look at our tank's designs! Maine painted them all by herself. So talented T.T
Then we went swimming at the pool till 8pm.

After showering, we arrived at a western restaurant called James Foo Western Food at Jalan Fettes. It was recommended by one of our friends. Its super cheap but I wouldn't say its good. Just average good, at least in this place called Penang. I had a set of grilled chicken and lamb with salad and chips, for RM13.90. woahhhh so cheap

At night we walked around the night market. :)

Can't really remember what we did at night but I think we were all on the bed watching some movie. I was the fastest to fall asleep haha.

But..I was the earliest to wake up the 2nd day morning.
While Qi and Jo were still sleeping, Maine & I went to plan our itinerary at the balcony. Was quite excited for the day cos we are going to see the famous wall art!
Rise and shine!

Qi's creepy looking soft toy.

On our way to have breakfast! My skin looks good here wahhhh.

We came to tehe restaurant opposite Penang Chinese Girl High School(PCGHS) where 3 of us were brought here by our Penang friends 3 years ago. I remember clearly that one of our friends said this is the best asam laksa in Penang. I also remember that I didn't like it and it wasn't as good as our friend said. But Qi & Maine insisted to visit that asam laksa stall again -.-
I forgot whats the name of the restaurant but its directly opposite PCGHS! And the laksa was damnnnn good omg. LOL We concluded that I've had super high expectation after my friend said this is the best laksa in Penang, so I find it okok only. Now that I have super low expectation after being disappointed 3 years earlier, I find it quite good. LOL.
This is very special cos you can buy popiah to soak in the laksa soup and eat! Very nice. Goodness I am salivating already..

Omg look at datttttt bouncy noodles. Omg help.

Next stop, Jalan Penang!

First stop of Jalan Penang : TEO CHEW CENDOL!!!! 
The LEGENDARY cendol stall. Crowded as usual. On the right is their competitor, less famous. Well, they're only famous as ''the opposite TeoChew one'' lol.
Boss on the left :)

 This cendol is the BEST I've ever had. Omg loveeeee.
RM2.40 for a bowl. I think its alright!
 Happy faces!

More happy faces!

Haha I find this picture funny :)

Then we went to the restaurant next to the stall to have our second breakfast! I was SUPER full after the asam laksa and cendol. But I can't accept the fact that I am already here and I won't be eating their asam laksa...

Charmaine was craving for Oh Jien(fried oyster) so we had one plate as well. MAD FULL.

Random stall.

I'VE NO IDEA HOW..But Charmaine and Joseph were still dissatisfied. -.- They wanted another bowl of cendol so we went to a proper Teo Chew Cendol shop just across the road. Its under the same boss. Its quite interesting cos if you prefer a more authentic experience of eating the cendol, you can eat while standing at the road side; and if you prefer a better environment with shades and air cond, you can go to their nice kopitiam :)

The ''indoor'' cendol. RM2.90.

After tis bowl of cendol,we started our journey to find the street art!
Penang is really beautiful.its a city full of culture. I am in love...

This is a real candid! I was looking at Maine and Joseph took this. I like this picture :)

Old school ice sticks!! :)

Curry fishball! RM3 for 5 big fishballs omg naise.

The most famous wall art in Malaysia! Sadly I blocked the little brother..Wanted to have a candid shot but everyone was waiting for me -.- and I was quite paiseh to pattern banyak infront of an eager crowd haha.

This is The Chew Jetty, 姓周桥. The filming location for one of Malaysian films, Ice Kacang Puppy Love :)

Stop by to have durian puffs! Yumm. It was just okay . If you're a durian lover I would recommend you to go to Casamia at SS15, same row as Uncle Seng, to have their durian puff! SUPER NICE.

Just thought this pair of grandfather & grandson was really cute.

Then we spent an hour walking back to our car. According to Waze, it was 1.6km. HAHAHA. But we did stop by to buy stuff. OHH I bought Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown from a second hand bookstore, RM5!!!! :)

Had a long ride home with the traffic jam and all. Back to the hotel room, 3 of us girls changed to beach/swimwear while Jo took a nap. Poor jo is exhausted from all the driving :(
 So beautiful. :)

We took lots of polaroid pictures!

Both taken around the same time but using different polaroid camera haha.

Off to swim!

We played a few rounds of volleyball in the pool.(They provide net and ball!) So fun!!

Dinner at the Batu Ferringhi food court. YUMMMM. Funniest thing is all 4 of us waited for so long for all the food to arrive just to take a picture of it. haha why are we so retarded?

 After dinner we walked around the night market then went to Bora Bora, a beach bar to chill.
 I love this pic of Qi!
From left : Jo's, Mine, Maine & Qi's. HAHA Londonnnn

I guess we are really crazy. I was still full from dinner and beer, and we bought maggi cup and alcohol back for supper. We bought matching anklets for 3 of us too! From left : Qi, Me, Maine. I like all of them! :) the color matches so perfectly.

And as usual, I was the earliest to go to bed. hehe.

Hehe I love my hair here!

Goodbye Hotel Inn, goodbye Penang! 

Lunch before we head to the airport. I forgot what is this called, some famous Indian dish. hahaha

Super famous mee goreng..not a fan of mee goreng so..its just alright to me.

Second lunch! Char Kuey Teow :)

It was a very wonderful trip :)

Hehe. Penang you're amazing!