Friday, 27 February 2015

很累 但很心烦睡不着觉...:'(

Its all too painful to be put into words.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Europe 7: Belfast of Northern Ireland

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Last two posts of my Europe trip! Continuing from the previous post my last stop was at London, my oldest sister's place. Second day of 2015, my sister, her friend Rachel and I went for a trip to Northern Ireland! Thankfully by that time I wasn't that sick anymore, was so worried!

I didn't even know that till I came here - that Northern Ireland and Ireland are two different countries! Let me share something! Things that I don't know before visiting these countries...United Kingdom consists of 4 countries - England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. So far I've been to all but Wales.

While Ireland, is another country out of United Kingdom and is not the same as Northern Ireland. For this trip my sister, Rachel and I are making trips to the capital city of both countries, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Dublin of Ireland. We flew from London to Belfast first :) To be honest, I've never heard of Belfast and had no idea what kind of place it is... 
I was quite grumpy in this trip cos I was really exhausted!! Probably just recovered and having to walk so, so much.

Me and silly sister at a botanical garden.
Belfast is............

a gem.

Can't believe I am saying this cos only on the first evening there I felt like going home already. Its a dead town! Looks so boring and gloomy. But thats their specialty I guess..highly recommended if you're looking for a quiet town to live :D

Second day we followed a tour to the outskirts of Belfast.

In Giants Causeway!
Never heard before either.....hmm but I think this place is quite the big deal..World's Heritage Site and fourth greatest natural wonder in UK...I did my research ;)

And this place is..beyond amazing.

You'll see later!

Before going to UK my sisters asked me where do I want to travel to and I told them ''我不要看museums,要看山看水的。'' HAHAHA. cos previously in 2013 my first visit to Scotland we went to so many museums and I got bored of it very quickly. I wanted to see the natural wonders instead of buildings. Sister did warn me about the cold if I wanted to ''看山看水'' but I said I don't mind! Truth is yes..very cold, but bearable :)

Forgot to show you the place we stayed for the two nights in Belfast! This is our rented house..SO LOVELY. I wouldn't mind living in a house like that. Real cozy and beautiful!

OK let me continue on my Giants Causeway tour.
Isn't it beautiful??

Oh we also visited some winery.

Such a lovely place!

Whisky testing session~

OK back to Giants Causeway. Have I mention how much I love the Irish culture???? I fell in love with it from the film Titanic actually. Remember where the third class passengers had a party where Jack and Rose danced?
I got my first impression of the Irish culture from that scene and I fell in love with it! I love the whole thing..but the music in particular. It makes me very happy!
I get to experience a small part of it in Northern Ireland! The Nook is my dream come true. A restaurant/bar with real fire place and wonderful traditional Irish music and Irish dishes!

 Notice the hexagonal rocks! Results of a volcano eruption.

This is really COOL.

This place is so beautiful. I will be back!

Nice boat. Reminds me of Shawshank..well, I don't get to see a boat very frequently...

No filter! Thats how saturated the colors are!
Notice the small hill behind? I climbed onto that hill alone cos Rachel and my sister didn't want to. Its very hard to climb to the top!! I nearly fell a few times and risked my life :X HAHA.
This is me on top! Asked a stranger to take a picture for me HAHAHA.

Another place called Carrick-a-Rede! Famous for it's rope bridge which i did not cross cos I was sleepy, cold and lazy. yeap.
We also visited some graveyard..eeeeee

 Third day in Belfast we decided to visit the Titanic Quarter to see the birth place of Titanic the ship.
How quiet this town is? A public train station with NO ONE in it, on a Sunday. Turned out that these Irish people take their Sundays seriously. Rest day means rest day, most of the shops are closed, buses and trains come once every hour...*gulps

Outfit of the day

 The Titanic birthplace and museum! This town is called Titanic Quarter, what a bizarre place..its very quiet, gloomy and mysterious. I blogged about this Titanic birthplace last month while I was there, can be read HERE.
Dinner....:) The fries were so good T.T

At night we took the 2 hours bus to the capital of Ireland, Dublin! :) Next post on Dublin:)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Actually I'm not so full of life cos Im sleepy and dead as hell for morning classes..
Sigh this is so so agonising I hate waking up early...T.T

the moon

I swear listening to my blog songs makes me super emotional..and inspired.
Whether my story's gonna be like Pearl Harbor's, Shawshank's, LOTR or Narnia..

its gonna be worth it.

Of course I have a strong feeling that my life is gonna be a great run!

I am very full of life, don't you think so!!

Chinese New Year 2015

URGH finally I am sitting down on my favorite couch in the whole wide world comfortably typing this............ I've been terribly busy these few weeks and I couldn't find time to blog or to be lifeless at all, that's not good, I need my free time....
I've been busy mainly because of the endless assignments and CNY preparations. Speaking of assignments, it ruined my CNY hols, getting bugged by a fucking annoying/over-efficient group mate sucks! The next time my lecturer suggests to randomly assign us for group assignment, I am gonna be the first to protest, my experience with this bastard stranger group mate I've never even talked to before was horrible, I am so pissed off cos CNY hols was already so short, I have to rush to do my assignments and rush my CNY shopping and rush going back hometown! How rush I was?? I was still rushing to buy CNY clothes on the CNY eve itself. =.=  
Now now, this is part of the rush as well - getting my hair done. I dyed my hair myself a few weeks before and the color was very imbalance so I went to the salon again. It was a family friend's salon(no discount...T.T) and this is VienSze! Tauke's daughter.

On CNY eve my mom and I did super last minute shopping at One Utama. We went there at 10! Left at 3 to rush home to prepare for the reunion dinner cos its gonna be in our house again this year.
Not so satisfied with the food this year..:( 

Of course we had to skype with my poor sisters who weren't able to join.

Family portrait!

Next day was the first day of CNY. Woke up late at 11am and first thing first..bai nian to my parents :D
tradition- family portrait on the first day of CNY!

Off to relative's house for vegetarian lunch after that.

I swear this pic has no filter nor it was taken by beauty app/camera. Iphone 6 automatically set the beauty effect! I don't like....I don't like when in pictures my face is so flawless, in real life its not!! 

Good sunlight mah so took a lot. :)

Red hair red cheongsam red bra red underwear yet I still lose a lot while gambling. SIGH. 

Baby brother's first teen cny :)

My kakak :)

Mom picked this cheongsam for me. I was in dilemma to whether choose red or navy blue cheongsam with the same design. The navy blue one was really nice! Its navy blue with gold prints, I fell in love while trying it in the fitting room. But mom preferred red at that time cos CNY mah..I like the blue one but since mom's paying so I followed her choice. :(

But now it complements my red hair! So its okay :) I quite like it also. Just that I don't know where else can I wear this cheong sam to.

Oh, did I mention that this is the first cheongsam in my life???:) 
I wore Samfu before when I was 2 or 3 years old though. In national service I get to wear Malay and Indian traditional clothes but not Chinese! So now I am glad :D I am a true Malaysian now hahahaa

The descendants of Kiew family :)

Home and changed into comfy clothes cos its gonna be a long ride back to my mom's hometown Johor Bahru.:)

Second day of CNY!

There are so many reasons why I love mom's side more than dad's..this is one of them. POON CHOI made by my dearest aunt <3 


A couple of family friends came over too. I have no friends cos of the age gap hahahaha so sad.
They are all 13-17 years old..still in the puberty process I think. Not I want to act mature all la but really, they were drinking apple cider and acting drunk while playing blackjack........I was once the drinker wannabe la but I never act drunk before lor.

This little girl! I watch her grow since her birth, she was so so so cute back then, and still is now! She is 13 years old and has a sister as old as I. She's so chatty and wont stop telling me about things around her and her family, telling me the latest gossips and her secrets. I never had a younger sister, the closest I have is my only cousin sister on my mother's side, but we are not very close as well. When this little girl's dad asked her what are we talking about she said :''没有啦,我觉得她很像姐姐。''
I was so happy to hear that hahahhaa. God knows how eager I am to have a baby sister to love and care about..But actually not that eager la, I have a younger sibling to pamper and I also have older sisters to do all the girly thing with, and I am grateful! I don't have an older brother and younger sister so naturally I would want one too. 

Dont jealous, but thats me laying on bed and my brother kissing me :D

Why my lips like that one..

Third day of CNY, my family, relatives and I visited a newly constructed residential project, Danga Bay Country Garden in JB.

In their showroom! I like my hair like that, but awhile later it became flat, and I HATE.....

Oh before that, we had our lousang session at home :)

With my dearest yiyi/my godmama :)

Lunch in a chinese restaurant in Danga bay :)

My third lousang this year :)

Damn boring la so I took hundreds selfies while waiting for the adults inquiring about buying property

Wah my hair..not so bad right. Been having good hair day everyday this is odd.....I guess the treatment at the salon helps!

CNY day 4, we are already back home the night before.
On the way to Tanjung Sepat. 
Been waiting for this moment forever, for my brother to be big enough- now I can comfortably lie on my little boyfriend's shoulder :D

Sunset with family :)

At the edge of the broken Lover's Bridge. Isn't it ironic that the famous Tanjung Sepat's Lover's Bridge is broken?? What a joke..
Btw half of it now the Lover's Bridge is so short =.=

Penang wannabe.

I used to be obsessed over beach dresses like this when I was 14-15. I think I have 10 of them! I haven't worn them in many years..the last time I wore this was 2010! How time flies..(I have to stop mentioning that phrase in every post)

Pretty good day..

Yeap this is a blog post of my CNY! Classes resume tomorrow..:( so fast.

I have so many things more to blog about..

please give me more time T.T