Tuesday, 25 October 2016

So long, Blogger!


This day is finally here...............
Been wanting to move to Wordpress for quite a few years now but didn't do it earlier cos shifting my whole blog to another platform is troublesome. The major reason I wanted to move to WP is their password protected post feature. I loved that and trust me I've been waiting for years for that. It's not a very tough feature to add on isn't it! But Blogger just wont catch up zzz. I loved how Blogger is neat and simple to use which made me very reluctant to leave. Moreover, I've been with them since June 2008! That's a pretty long time hahah.

Eight and half years of blogging..pretty big deal to me and I take it very seriously haha. I've gotten so used to Blogger. Their templates and themes are much easier to customize although WP's themes are prettier. Over the years I've been discovering little features of both platforms but what made me decide to move for good is that the Blogger app just mysteriously disappeared from the App Store. I was pretty frustrated cos I've been using the app since 2013. It was very convenient to post up my sudden thoughts or feelings to the blog without having to do it via laptop, Now it's gone and I have a feeling that Blogger will close down soon hahaha.

I just finished an exam today so I spent my whole night shifting my blog hahah. Checked out the WordPress app on iOS and it looks super cool and easy to use!! Like you can upload multiple pictures at once goodness gracious I've been uploading it one by one with the previous Blogger app. But what I don't like bout WP is my blog post won't state the time I publish the post. I don't like that!

I've shifted to yeepeikiew.wordpress.com

I couldn't think of a better link for my blog already hahaha. Wanted to put kiewyeepei.wordpress.com but guess what? It's taken...by myself many years ago hahaha. Deleted the blog but WP has this policy that the same address can't be used more than once even if the site has been removed. -.- 

And if you are wondering what's poisonsandwine, I used to love the song Poison & Wine by The Civil War very much back in high school. Added 's' to poison cos poisonandwine.blogspot.com was taken hahahah. I am not sure, is that a grammatical error???

Facts bout this blog:
1) There are 1207 published posts since June 2008, this is going to be the 1208th.

2) 112,050 views since January 2012. About 1900 views per month hehe. But I think there are a lot of bots la especially these two weeks! Same amount of views daily from France wtf. 

3) 632 comments since June 2008 - including the comments posted by me.

4) Amount of blog posts each year: 
- 2008 (34)
- 2009 (83)
- 2010 (38)
- 2011 (140)
- 2012 (170)
- 2013 (132)
- 2014 (250)
- 2015 (211)

Thank you for the fun eight years blogging experience, Blogger. 
I have shifted all my posts since 2008 to the new WordPress blog. Will not update this blog anymore!

CLICK HERE to my new WordPress blog hehe.
I feel like  I am writing annoying advertisement banner trying to create a click bait hahaha.

foreverforyou-emorain.blogspot.com - 2008
bemuscularlikeme.blogspot.com - 2008-2012
poisonsandwine.blogspot.com - 2012-2016
yeepeikiew.wordpress.com - 2016-

Sunday, 23 October 2016

einmal ist keinmal

I can hardly find excuses to feel dejected for anything in my life right now ever since I've read Victor Frankl's bestseller, Man's Search For Meaning.
Not because it motivated me in any way but because of this theory of his - logotherapy. 
If Victor Frankl survived Holocaust, I don't want to not survive through my pool of problems that are probably just 1% of Frankl's sufferings. I am ordinary, but to search for a meaning to live does not require skill, that makes me having only one excuse for my failure - i am weak.

But i am not. I cannot, and will not fail.

tonight, I rekindled the burning passion in me.

I can do all things through Christ me, myself and I who strengthen myself.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Amores Perros

Just spent my Saturday afternoon watching a 2000 Mexican film Amores Perros and I am feeling very inspired to write now hahah.
I guess you can say I am a very weird viewer..whenever I watch movies I'll always have my phone in one hand scrolling through the plot summary or synopsis. Spoilers? I love spoilers hahah.
One thing bout foreign language films is the majestic beauty of not understanding the languages spoken. Of course I rely a lot on subtitles but...there is something bout foreign language that's just so romantic. Aside from French and Italian, my favorite has got to be Iranian films in the Persian language. And this one, Amores Perros is in Spanish.

I didn't know this was directed by the two-time Oscar winner Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu until I finished watching it. I never liked his style and all his abstract concepts. Amores Perros was very strange from the start, telling three different stories that have nothing to do with each other except that they lightly crossed path when a car accident happened. It wasn't particularly entertaining or interesting, I was ready to rate it 8/10 in IMDB.

I also wanted to give myself a surprise so by the time the third story was gonna end, I stopped reading the synopsis. I was really curious how the film is going to link all three stories together.

But I forgot it is Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. He likes to surprise people by...having no surprise.
When the third story ended, the film ended.

I waited through the closing credits and nothing appeared till the very end except for the long list of the names of cast and crew. That was when I rated it 9 over 10.

I don't know. That one extra star comes from me feeling unsure bout this film. I am not too sure what is it trying to tell its viewers but i like it. I like how it shows reality is harsh and that reality is strange.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


I am so much more than just a discouraged student.
I am so much stronger than just a lost soul.
I am capable of many things.
I can love passionately, live meaningfully and fight valiantly.

Be a better and stronger person my love.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


谢谢你,不停地告诉我不管怎么样,everything还是will be okay的。

life is just one small piece of light between two eternal darknesses. 

i wish somebody would tell me what to do

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Nama berita

 Received a surprise email this morning from my Impian boss..
A long long email, when I need it most.

And I wept through the whole time typing a reply back to her.

I drank so much coffee again. I am so anxious, my heartbeat is so fast and my hands are trembling.
I am weary.
I am weak.
I am vulnerable.
I am lost.