Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Just feeling super duper defeated. 
I don't know if I'm the one who messed everything up but this is not what I've expected at all..


Monday, 29 September 2014


Sunday, 28 September 2014


I wouldn't say its a terrible weekend cos there are times that I actually feel very happy. How rare is it! The demanding me, says I am happy?!

I just want to note down every single thing that has made me happy, sometimes I dramatically forget the feeling of being happy, but writing down here I hope I can remember how is it like to feel happy- if I read back posts like this in the future.

Today I woke up early at 8am, took my breakfast at home, headed out to Dotz Cafe to do my assignments. My house internet connection is so slow its unbearable!!! Though Dotz Cafe is probably the tiniest cafe I've been to, but definitely my favorite. There are many reasons why i LOVE this cafe but one day I'll blog about this cafe!

So my day was made..when I have fast internet connection..
Then a first-class cappuccino served by friendly barista.

Halfway doing my assignment, the cafe played a REALLY REALLY ancient song of Jacky Cheung. It was an old song from a 1999 TVB  drama (Plain Love II), in Chinese ,茶是故鄉濃. Its my fav childhood drama!!!! So so so nostalgic....I went all teary-eyed :(

This cafe plays really old and underrated songs which is very different from the others, at least to me :)
 Some bread pudding topped with scoop of ice cream. Not that nice..but I am happy because it was recommended by the barista when I was still in dilemma thinking of what to eat. I love getting recommendations from staffs!! Doesn't matter if the food isn't worth being recommended by, I appreciate it all the same :)

Made full use of fast internet connection- I restored my iPad(finally!!), my brother got it permanently disabled for the SECOND time two months ago. Lost all the things inside because I did not back up..sigh. Heartache. Being able to use iPad again feels like I've gotten a new device haha the feeling....

Then I updated my phone to iOS8 while I was doing assignments. Why not right. I have to do it sooner or later...
and I did. It feels like I got myself a new phone just because theres new features..So I was happy..again. 

Completed 1.5 out of 3 assignments during the 7 hours I sat in the cafe. It was only 4.30pm when I decided to leave. Could've stayed and be more productive but my ass aches from sitting on that hard-ass wooden chair for so long LOLL. So I headed home.

Came home to dad! Dad went to UK for work for two weeks and met up with my sisters. And he came home with...
   Presents! Sister bought me shoes from Birkenstock! Now this is the most expensive shoes of mine :) Oldest sister always spoils me by buying me branded things that my mom wont buy me T.T Not that I really needed branded things..but the feeling is always exciting when I get to own something branded and fancy. I have flat feet. Though it doesn't really affect my daily activities but my feet aches very bad every time I walk for hours. I hope by wearing molded foot bed like Birkenstock shoes can make my flat feet situation a little better :/

Other than that, sister bought me Dorothy Perkins flats too! Funny because ever since my last pair of flats was spoiled in April when I was in Cambodia(which I discarded there), I never bought a new pair again. Instead, I got myself a pair of RM50 slippers because..I don't know why. I must've been a rich kid wannabe because my past slippers are all RM10 hahahaha. But worth my money cos the pair of slippers lasted till today, and still looking strong although I've probably walked  a few hundred miles..hahaha.

I don't have many pairs of shoes. I have this pair of RM50 casual slippers, and the rest are all formal heels. Nothing in between! So sometimes when I go to malls its either I wear slippers and be under-dressed or I wear heels and be an over-dressed bitch haha. I wear slippers to class everyday and I am used to it already..not that I don't know it is inappropriate..

Sister also bought me a new wallet! My current wallet is so so damaged now after using for only two years. My current wallet is a gift from my 17th birthday, given by sis too :) hehe so she bought me another one from UK this year! But this is toooo big. I am still going to use it anyway..

Went home and started downloading apps into my ''new'' iPad. The most exciting part isn't downloading new apps, but downloading new e-books in the iBook app!! There's this new book called Yellow Submarine, based on the The Beatles' Yellow Submarine film(the film is based on The Beatles music and Yellow Submarine is one of the songs..so yea.. Yellow Submarine-ception) ITS SO ADORABLE! Its an interactive ebook, can touch all the items one then they will move around. So cute. So joyful haha.

I was happy until iOS 8 screwed my phone. My apps wont stop crashing and so many bugs! I ended up deleting the apps and reinstall them again. But I have forgotten that by deleting, my chat history in Whatsapp will be gone as well. When I realized it was too late. Zzzz luckily I restored it from iTunes. I swear iTunes is a MASSIVE pain in the ass. Apple products are user-friendly and extremely easy to explore and use, but when it comes to updating, backing up or even downloading songs..it drives me CRAZY.

Back to Thursday, the start of my happy weekend. I don't have class on Fridays so I am always excited and happy on Thursdays! 

On Wednesday night my mom offered me a ride to class cos she has to send my brother to school as well. Its actually pretty inconvenient for me cos my class ends way before my brother's. Driving myself to class is more convenient but..its been a long time since my mom sent me to school. And I actually miss being sent by her.

Mom being a mom, she could've dropped me at the roadside which is like less than 100 meters away from uni but she took a long ass U-turn just to drop me directly infront of it. Hehe.
And that is why I arrived in class an hour early. HEHE. Well there's a lot of assignments to do so I wasn't doing nothing in that hour.

At 12pm, mom picked me up(just like old times!) and we went to have the famous pan mee together. Yummmm.

 My fav foooooood.
Then we wanted to get our fav durian puffs in Casamia SS15 but found out it was closed....so sad. :(
Happy 游车河ing with mom :)
It was a pretty relaxing day spent with my mom and brother. I downloaded a 1991 film by famous Chinese director Zhang YiMou called Raise the Red Lanterns, starring GongLi. Watched it with mom. I don't usually watch movies with mom cos she doesn't like movies. She prefers TV series though. So it was quite an enjoyable day, doing nothing. hehe.

Second day which is Friday I went out for a lunch date with mommy!
Yes if you've noticed, I've become more family-oriented. Been spending so much time with the family!! Well I am supposed to do that since it is my duty as a daughter..still...I hated family outings. But now I am trying! & I have been enjoying them, so..I am quite proud of myself.
Mom wants to try Jibby & Co and since we are having such spensive food, I dressed up a bit hehe.

Couldn't find shoes to wear, cos I only have heels and slippers remember?? So I decided to wear slippers hahahaha. Mom said no and found me a pair of new flats my sister bought me 3 months ago! Totally forgotten about this new pair of shoes..and YAY so happy, now I have new shoes, and something casual to wear, no longer wearing slippers around hehe.

Navy blue and white stripes. Got sailor feel hor hahaha.

Lunch with my pretty mommy! Told her that the lasagna is very high rated. As for I, I had the famous soft shell crab burger. Been wanting to try it quite some time! Been here thrice but always got tempted to try other food.

The soft shell crab burger was disappointing and definitely overrated. Zzz.

I was expecting a great and delicious lunch. I always describe Jibby & Co as ''expensive but worth it'' because their food quality is good! Its delicious and they are generous with the portion. But this time, my mom and I couldn't finish our food at all! I was left with half of the burger and my mom is even worse there were 2/3 of the lasagna left!! We were both very very full but weird cos we did not eat anything before that. Didn't want to waste food so I kept stuffing myself until I feel like dying and decided to waste food and not torture myself. SIGH I feel very guilty now but you have to understand my situation T.T

Right Jibby & Co, you're indeed OVERRATED. No satisfaction at all after the meal. Ish. I wish I've eaten simple food like hawker food instead, 10 times cheaper and 10 times more the satisfaction :(

Wondered around Empire with mom. Then before we left we bought ingredients for that night's dinner in Jaya Grocer. 

Guess what's our dinner????



Tips: It was a rainy day.



Weeeeeeee. There's beef slices, kimchi, toufu, needle mushroom, dried scallop and lots of extra cabbages in it! Yum! I ate two bowls hehe.

Saturday morning,  iwentforajogwithmymom. OK.
You did not read it wrongly. 
Me. Jogging. IN THE MORNING.
Mom wanted to go to Cheras for hiking but I didn't want to cos I was having massive period cramp..so we decided to jog at the lakeside near my house instead. OK la we didn't actually jog, more like walking and chit chatting. We walked three rounds around the lake!!! THREEEEEEEEE. (the lake is extremely big ok hehe)

Back home and shower, then off for brunch!  
Prawn Mee and Asam Laksa. Been craving for good Asam Laksa since I am back from Penang. This is actually a very good bowl of Asam Laksa, compared to the rest in KL.But if compared to those in Penang, this is inedible.

Yeap. Thats about it! 
Not a happening weekend but pretty relaxing. :)

Looking forward for more days like these. :)

Now back to assignments!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Conversations I had today are really pointless. 
Everyone is so boring and I'm so boring.

Sigh. Time to meet new people.
It's either I don't belong in this era or I have problems w myself,
Either way I really can't get myself to love or appreciate guys in my generation. Zz

Thursday, 25 September 2014

green bedsheets

I like naps..
But I don't like how I always nap for at least 3 hours, and woke up feeling like I am so screwed, clueless about life. Is it just me, or everyone feels that way after waking up? I always wake up feeling stressed thinking about more things that are waiting for me to do and how much time I've wasted sleeping.

For today, I woke up the first thing that came up to my mind was..national service. I just woke up and thought of it suddenly of that event that happened more than one & a half years ago. It was only a year and half but so much has changed that I've almost forgotten about it. But it is a very important event in my life and I still miss it terribly...:(

I lost inspiration to blog again. sigh. Trying to squeeze out things that are happening recently and find myself enjoy writing about it is hard. When I feel like blogging, things become uninteresting and I can't find anything to write about.

Gotta get those chances back

Monday, 22 September 2014

I thought i was mature but I didn't expect myself to be so emotionally risky out of sudden at this age.
Sigh, always like that