Saturday, 25 June 2016


Watching Zootopia with the kids now :) trying to make the movie session a weekly one and this week's our second week already!:)

I am back in Miri for a couple of days now! Glad that I could go home and recharge before I continue another month here in Miri, but also glad that so far everything's good!
Slightly random but I just want to remember all these strangers who were so nice to me. On my flight back I met a man who's in his late fifties or something. He was sitting beside me on the plane and we started talking. He gave me so many life advices and he seemed like a really sincere person!!

Anyways, I made some friends in the DAP office in Pujut,Miri today. One of them brought me to a luncheon. Halfway they invited me out to talk!!! Was scared as hell hahah but managed to share bout what my organization is currently doing, why I believe in what they do and what makes me leave KL to come Sarawak for two months. 

Since I first came here in late May whenever people learn that I am from KL they would always insist that I take down their number so I can call them when I need help. T.T thank you all really. Like I said, 我去到哪里都有贵人. I am thankful! Fortunately, aside from my rashes and falling sick, life in Sarawak has been great!! There's still a month left but I am already reluctant to go home hahah.

Here's some picture from tonight.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I think the last time I sat down and blogged with my laptop was more than a month ago. So much has happened since then!
After almost 3 weeks of living in kampung where electricity, clean water supply and proper beds are nothing but extreme luxuries, to be able to comfortably sit on my bed in air conditioned room typing on my laptop is truly a bliss. I am grateful and I am not taking this for granted.

I am going back to Miri in a few days! Will blog and talk about my Sarawak experience only when I am done with my internship at the end of July but here are some pictures from two days ago!

I was actually coming back soon to settle some stuff but since its Father's Day, I decided to come home a week earlier! Flight was expensive cos I bought it only the night before :( but worth it seeing how surprised my parents were! My family was at Pavilion so I went there straight after I landed in KLIA hehe. 
Surprised dad in a store hahah. In case you're wondering, yes my backpack is heavy as hell. 

Hahah I looked so unkempt. But I don't have many clothes and this was my best set already. At least I wore a skirt! HAHAH.  

Parents were really happy to see me hehe. Mom even dragged me into MNG for a transformation...
Half an hour later. HAHAHAH New bag and new dress + lipstick hahahah.

''现在才像个人样'' - my mom jokingly said HAHAH WTF

Mommy <3 Missed her so much. When I had all the bites and fell heavy sick till it was so alarming at one point I didn't dare to tell her cos I didn't want her to worry. When I was talking to her on the phone I always get so choked that I had to fake my voice so she won't notice. Told her about it only after I visited the doctor and took medication.

My darling! hehe.

Thank you mommy and daddy. My parents have changed so much they no longer disagree with all these stuff I am doing. They didn't even try to ask me to stop, after getting all the bites and falling sick! 

Sarawak is both physically and mentally challenging but I'll conquer this. I believe I have what it takes!

Sunday, 19 June 2016


I am currently in Miri airport waiting for my flight back to KL!
My parents don't know I am coming back hehe its Father's Day so I am gonna surprise my parents at Pavillion mall later :)

So excited!
Only 20 days here I am so physically tired already. Suffered some mysterious bites and developed fever and flu for the past few days :(
The bites were real itchy so so unbearable!!! There were easily 50 bites all over my body.
It kept spreading till I went to see skin doctor so now I'm better! The bites darkened so I'm really scared that they'll turn into scars.
This taken just 2 seconds ago hahah.

I am getting used to kampung life but it's real nice that I can go back home for awhile. I have something urgent to deal with so I had to go back. I'm gonna go back and recharge and come back to Miri stronger hehe.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016




今天发生了个乌龙事件,我好笨地把公司的hilux打了95的油,并不知pickup trucks都需要用diesel。搞到车要送到车场,也就这样花了大家几个小时的时间。幸好老板们没生气!老板们脾气都非常好哈哈。

但是车场那里有个很好看的工人,样子很像吴奇隆的,只是他讲话好好笑 喜欢zha人 哈哈哈。
原来看靓仔心情会变好的 哈哈哈

Saturday, 11 June 2016

我去到哪里都有贵人 我还想要求什么:)

Friday, 3 June 2016


Third day in Sarawak. 1am and wide awake thanks to the Chinese tea I had just now during dinner.

I haven't been doing much these two days. Internship has officially started but I haven't been doing any real work. Will be going into kampung tomorrow and I guess the real work starts by that time then.
But by spending the entire time with my two bosses these two days got me wondering if it's a right choice to come work for Impian.
Truth is I was very into politics since I was 18 but I just lost so much interest when I realised the party I have been supporting is just as flawed as any other party.

And I swear all I ever wanted was to be a part of an NGO. But you have to know that now I got myself to be part of an NGO that is so heavily biased when it comes to politics. Is it going to be different when the motivation comes from politics? I didn't think it mattered before this but by listening to my colleagues' serious discussion tonight I just don't think that they're doing all these purely because they want to serve and do good for the community. 

But I may be wrong. I'm gonna spend two months with this organization I'm gonna do my part and see how is it going to change me.

Hehe. Just some nonsense in my head.