Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Long time no see, friends!:)
Today I am in a good mood to blog nicely and probably stop throwing stupid, pointless short blog posts here. 

I've been feeling a little troubled lately..mostly because of...
This. My rashes came back. I thought that one injection would end everything..cos thats what everybody says. I was so angry and scared when it came back a week after I took the injection and this time, it came back more severe! 
So gross..this was last Saturday when I went for cycling. So fucking itchy and ugly..everybody was looking at me. Felt so embarrassed and angry.

Sigh. My previous doctor is useless. She really is. -.- So i visited another doctor yesterday and he gave me some medicine I would have to take for a month. Causes of these hives are still not known..if it gets more severe only I have to get a blood test to see what triggered it. Thats very weird cos I never had hives/rashes..I am not allergic to anything, not that I know of. Oh wait, I am allergic to alcohol. But it gives me only red patches on my face and nothing else. And I did not consume any alcohol before/during my hives break out.

Its a mystery!

Also..I've been very annoyed lately cos my house is undergoing some major renovation. So much of noise pollution its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get very anxious and angry cos I cannot take my naps, I cannot read, watch movie, do my homework and shit. The renovation is directly below my room so the noise and vibrations are crazy. I cannot even sleep in cos they start work at 9-10am!! WTF. Sigh..I am so angry at everybody and my parents. Cos next week my room's turn to be renovated!! I can really go crazy.

And and and, I've been sleeping so much lately as well. I am tired every single day and taking naps every day..thats not so good cos I don't have the habit of taking naps unless I wake up super early for activities like hiking and exercising.  But right now I am looking at a 20 yr old lady who wakes up at 12pm and takes nap at 3pm-6pm. I am kinda worried. I should probably think positive, be productive and keep myself active.

Oh one more thing! These two weeks while I was away(with a closed blog) I was actually plotting on my escape from Blogger. I am betraying Blogger and moving to Wordpress!! I want to..I am so bored of Blogger having no updates throughout the long years. Yes its very user friendly and shit but there are a lot of new features in Wordpress that I want to try. I am still in the process of learning how to use it! So will move there when I am more familiar with it. 
Okay? okay.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

I loathe everything I see
I loathe everything 
My heart is not broken.

 its wilting.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nothing, can come close to how this will break my heart.
I've done my part. Now I only need luck and time.

Since I can't sleep I'll talk about something that makes me happy.

The Walking Dead!!

Ok la TWD makes me even sadder actually! But im happy whenever I talk about it. I need a TWD friend to talk about all these with me unfortunately I don't have a friend that likes or watches it! 

Something about watching a tv series is that it's dangerous. I invest quite a bit of emotions and feelings into stories esp films and series. A two hours film is enough to stay with me for years let alone tv series. The only kind of TV series that I watch is HK tvb dramas. I've always thought that these English TV series will not be as good..until I watch TWD.

5 seasons of TWD, 67 episodes. And I've watched it all in one go, imagine the crazy amount of feelings I've put into the story. I followed every character's story.. I loved the characters like they're real.
I cried so much for it!! Sigh. Now even when I think back of some scenes it feels like they're part of my life's memories like I really went through it. LOLOL I'm crazy..
I don't know how to describe how committed I am to it, but I'm telling you, I can get very very emotional when it comes to TWD, just like how I am when it comes to LOTR! I am extremely strong feelings for every character in TWD cos..well you would have strong feelings for people who have been through a zombie apocalypse with you right!

Sigh. I wish time could turn back, when I can still enjoy the company of Beth, Andrea, Hershel,Tyrese, Lori, Shane and more. 

I love you TWD T.T

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What a wasted day.
Now I'm just bored and hungry but already in bed with lights off.
It's only 11.24pm! To be honest I can't even sleep yet I'll have to wait till at least 12.30 :(

Why am I wasting my youth away like that

Monday, 28 September 2015

God I can go crazy teaching my little brother Maths.
We both are so similar. We both hate Maths, are weak in it, and have no heart to learn it.

Saturday, 26 September 2015


多么的累 多么的想睡


 I very much looked forward to the little mid autumn festival celebration I've been waiting for. Somehow things didn't turn out how I imagined and how I wanted it to be. It was supposed to be a happy night full of laughter, with my good friends and my good friend's sister's good friends, which are all my course seniors.
I don't know why I felt so terrible in this was supposed to be different. I loved Mid Autumn Fest since I was little..perhaps because of my birth date, I've always felt like this occasion is meant for me, like my birthday.

But sadly, not this year.

I am so upset..every single day.
I have no mood no motivation for anything. I just want to, very much want to, stay home for the whole day - finish a film, a book, anything fiction. Reality is so harsh to deal with..people aren't easy to talk to. I just feel like I am obliged to keep up with the people around me, cope with them, hang out with them and fulfill my duty being a part of their daily lives. I feel that way. Classes are dull and boring, I can hardly find myself being interested in what I have to learn..and I don't even make myself to study very hard..probably just study enough to get mediocre results.

God its so hard to go through every single day, everything seems ridiculously meaningless.