Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Told my baby brother a bedtime story today. I told him the story of John Nash from A Beautiful Mind and he likes it!:)

Hehe. Baby brother is taking his UPSR results tmr. I'm so nervous for him! And I can clearly remember 7 years ago when I was gonna take my UPSR results. How time flies...

All the good time.:)

Wishing the best for my little baby!

Monday, 24 November 2014

A Beautiful Mind

 You know, I am happy that I am in the mood for films again. Few months earlier I just felt like I've lost all my interest in films. I've never doubted my love for films(or, watching films) and was quite frustrated that I rather do nothing, browsing around instagram and stalking other people's twitter than watching a good film. I really had to force myself to sit through a film and even if I found it good afterwards, that didn't help.

Well I don't know why that happened...
But guess what, I am back to enjoying it again :) Thats good news cos every time after I ticked a movie off my list, I feel productive. And I've been watching a lot of movies lately and I feel very happy. :) Wanted to make a film review for every of them but I'll do it after finals! 

I've just finished one of a very high rated film - A Beautiful Mind(2001) and I feel very strongly to immediately blog about it cos it really surprised me! When I saw how high rated it was, the only thing that attracted me at first was Russell Crowe. I like him, I really like him as an actor after Gladiator and I like him even more after Les Miserables. I downloaded the movie half a year ago?It is not actually my first time watching this film, I've watched it at least 3 times, but only to stop the movie after 20 minutes. It was boring, the film moves at a very slow pace for the first hour until the the climax of the film kicks in.

Tonight, I decided to challenge myself again and told myself not to stop the movie or...I'll just give up on this film. haha. And..I did not, which I am very glad. 

A Beautiful Mind, directed by Ron Howard. It is  my first Ron Howard film.:)

I am really glad that I stayed because I finally know why is it so high rated. The film is so good T.T It is about a brilliant mathematician, John Nash struggling with schizophrenia. I didn't know about his schizophrenia the first few times I watched, and I stopped the film before I get to that. So when I got to that part, I was really shocked at this plot twist...that wasn't what I've expected..
I guess that was the climax of the film cos what ever happened after that got me glued to my seat till the end of the film. This film keeps proving me wrong as I watch, everything surprises me! I thought it would be a typical film with good ending and what I have expected was John successfully cured his disorder but nope...he didn't. (please don't scold me for spoilers cos I don't know how to write a film review without including them hahaha. And this movie was released 13 years ago...these spoilers would have been 13 years late^^)

I felt really sad watching the film because despite his intelligence, John Nash suffered almost all his life. But I guess his hardship was then rewarded by something nothing could ever replace - the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. At least there's a good ending...I don't want it to be as ordinary as other inspiring films nor I want the ending to be a bad one. And something even more surprising is, this is actually based on a true story. 

I did some research on the real John Nash, he's still alive if you're wondering, cos that's the first thing I wanted to know too. He indeed has schizophrenia and is a Nobel Prize winner. However, his story isn't the same as how the film presented. John Nash is a genius but not exactly a good man. He left his first wife while she was pregnant just because he thought her social status was too low compared to his. Not really like the one Russell Crowe played as heh..disappointed :( The film is also bashed by lots of people because it didn't stick to the true story of John Nash,how he was a homosexual, how he was a bastard that left his wife and first son and did not financially support them.  But a film is a film, it might not be that great if the director have Russell Crowe to portray someone like that! Personally I like and is very satisfied with the storyline. I think its a great story :)

 I am once again amazed by Russell Crowe's acting skills!!! He IS AMAZING in the film! The more I watch Russell Crowe, the more I am becoming a big fan of his acting talent. He played the role so beautifully - the way he shows his discomfort around people, the way he walks, the way he looks at his work..everything. I don't know if real life John Nash is like that but Russell portrayed perfectly of a schizophrenia patient and of an introvert. And everything he did in the film was nothing like the fighter in Gladiator, and nothing close to that. I never knew he was capable of acting something like this...I've always regarded him as someone who is not handsome but fiercely gorgeous and never actually imagined that he can also pull off playing someone like John Nash.

You know what?? He should have won the Academy Awards Best Actor! I checked that year's winner and its Denzel Washington in a movie called Training Day. What could be better than Russell Crowe's acting in A Beautiful Mind???? I guess I should check out Denzel Washington in that film.

 Jennifer Connelly as the female lead, John Nash's wife. She won Best Supporting Actress in 74th Academy Awards so I sort of expected something from her. Turns out I find her okay only actually...:/ Her acting in Requiem for a Dream was much better and if she must win, she should win for that role. 
Still, she was extremely BEAUTIFUL in A Beautiful Mind!! Omg I never knew Jennifer Connelly was this beautiful. 
One of the 3 imaginary people John Nash met in the film, also his best friend. In the film, Charles(played by Paul Bettany) was John Nash's roommate. I really liked the friendship between them and when I found out that he's not real, I got very sad. Especially when at the end of the film Charles didn't really leave John..and there was no ending of him. :( 

Read some Wikipedia pages of  the cast and found out Jennifer Connelly is married to Paul Bettany in real life! They met through the set of A Beautiful Mind and remained together till today..(and have 2 kids together) awwwww

Its really a great film. I forgot to mention that this film was a winner of Academy Awards' Best Picture and Ron Howard won his Best Director. The soundtrack is also composed by James Horner, composer of Titanic soundtracks and many more :)
 They also won Best Makeup and HELL they deserved this award just as much as they deserved Best Picture. I was mad surprised and impressed when I saw how Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly aged in that film.
ITS RUSSELL CROWE. If it wasn't his voice, I would really thought this is a different actor. I've never seen such amazing makeup before! Not even in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!!

& this is the beautiful Jennifer Connelly..omg...I really couldn't recognize her.

 I would rate A Beautiful Mind 8.5/10! I really like it. :) Am really happy to finally tick this movie off my list.

I guess this movie will not leave me for quite sometime..

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Another few things that made me happy today:

I got myself a haircut!!! I couldnt stand my hair anymore they looked so shapeless and uhh..lacked of liveliness??? The first thing that came up my mind when I woke up was to go to the salon.

I went to the one near my house and got a really awkward male hairstylist to do my hair haahha. And yes I asked for shorter fringe but they transformed me into a kid!! My fringe is so short now...ok this is not exactly a happy thing but..I finally got a haircut. Zz I hope I'll be happy with it for the next few days.

Next, I bought chicken rice for lunch!! Felt like I've not had it for a reaaaaaally long time and it's very very rare for me to crave for rice since I always opt for noodles instead. And this chicken rice was so good! Yummmmmmm.

Then I spent the remaining hours of the day by watching two films - pulp fiction and hunger games: catching fire!! The latter was so good I love it!

Friday, 21 November 2014


 I guess Deric might like this post since he once said that its a joy to read my happy posts. Hehe. Well here comes the rare happy post!
I am actually very sleepy now so gonna do this fast!

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I smiled to a guard. hahaha ok more on this next time..but yea just to let you know that that made my day :)

Then I've completed and submitted all 3 major assignments today!!! Can you imagine how relieved I am??!!

And I am usually happy on Thursday cos its the end of my weekdays and my weekends begin after that! Since I have no class on Fridays :) A very lucky me to have found two classmates that share similar interests as I, 3 of us love to play with photography and do occasional cafe hopping! But two of them are more professional than I in terms of skills and gadgets haha. We do cafe hopping every Thursday since there's 4 hours break.

Both of them took turns to drive me around Klang Valley for cafe hunt, that's really sweet of them because I am always the one driving when I hang out with friends. zz.

Coincidentally, both of them listen to Lite FM as well...*insert heart shape eyes*

For last week's cafe hunt, we went to a cafe called BEAM in Sri Damansara. And for this week, Ryan and I went to Awesome Canteen to have lunch while waiting for HZ to finish his Accounting class.

Awesome Canteen is indeed awesome. It is located somewhere in PJ. Wide variety of foods(pasta, burgers, seafood, paleo foods....) and the place is hipster as hell. Ancient typewriter, antique oven TV sets and radio, old flower name it. We had burgers for lunch! But as usual, I couldn't finish my food. I can never finish the whole burger, but McD burger is an exception ;)

Pretty hor??

After lunch we went to the new cafe in Bandar Sunway called Underground Societe! This cafe has no signboard yet so Ryan and I drove past it without noticing. We took two rounds and wondered if its really underground cos of the name. haha
Wanted to come visit a friend of mine who is working as a barista but he's on off day. Thats okay cos I love this place so I will come again.

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I first entered the cafe. The place is HUGE. Its like a long passage with rows of tables and chairs. I looked around for 10 minutes only I realised the girl sitting very far away is actually myself..and yes, a bloody mirror. =.= The place is just a normal sized cafe. YUP, brilliant deception there guys.
My cafe hopping partners :) I love going around with them! Cos..they're willing to do really silly things for pictures..hehe. Most of all..they give me free photo shoots ^^

This is taken by Ryan with his DSLR! It was a real candid but it looks like a fake one..haha.
And this is taken by HZ. Both of them like paparazzi snapping pictures of me, so guys if you have a dream to become a celebrity but failed, find photographer friends. Only male. Because when girls take nice pictures of you, they actually expect you to do the same for them and would not be as selfless as these two dudes here. HAHA
HZ's idea of putting the coffee on the window stand. Niceeeeee.

There was a waiter who is extremely nice and friendly. He initiated random conversations and spoke fluent English eventhough he's from Bangladesh. I was very fond of him that I secretly snapped a picture of him and sent it to my barista friend, told him that this colleague of his is very nice. The waiter's name is Harun and he's a middle aged man. 
 He recommended us a dessert called Underground Grenade. I don't know what it is and my weakness is friendly I expansively ordered it. When I was told that the preparation of this dessert is half an hour, I gulped and immediately checked the menu for its price.


The top coat is the creamy melted marshmallow, inside there's thick layer of mint ice cream and some biscuit crunch?? Or something like brown sugar...with a round dark chocolate ball inside.
I didn't like it, I didn't know it was mint and I hate mint. Felt like puking HAHA.
The boys finished it :)

We left at 4pm. The cafe was really empty for the whole time when we were there though. Probably because its still very new and not many people know about it.
2 Mochas,1 Cappucino and the Underground Grenade cost us RM66. :)

Looking forward to our next cafe hunt!

Here's another picture ^^

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Today early morning I smiled to the guard weeee. 
Always wanted to try but didn't dare.
Actually, he was the one who smiled at me first. I'm not trying to exaggerate that a guard's smile is more sincere than other people's but that was a very sincere smile, for real!

Haha just happy.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I don't know how many movies more I can take but this movie The Intoucables got me so sentimental...

I'm a sucker for this kind of films T.T 

Sigh. So sentimental
How can I say..
That im not happy w whatever I am having now.
It's not about being grateful or not, I still am grateful for having all my basic needs taken care of..I'm still grateful for many fond memories but I'm just not happy with what I am having now and the people around me.
I don't enjoy being around anyone and I certainly don't enjoy life right now.
It sucks because I don't know where will this leads to cos it seems like it has no end.

Since when I enjoy being alone in darkness and since when I enjoy silence..:(

I just hope things can get better for me.

Maybe UK! 

But I really really want to restart everything again. All over again