Friday, 14 February 2014


And I finally have time & the mood to do some blogging.
There's too many things I want to blog about! I've collected so many so many drafts in this account, the unfinished last national service post, the post about the movie Requiem for a Dream, mom's 50th birthday, my horrible thoughts, many many thoughts.

My Chinese New Year was horrible, although I've received quite a lot of ang paus compared to the past few years, and people nowadays are so much more generous.
I've spent 3days and 2 nights back in my hometown, Johor. And half of the time I was lying on the bed staring at the old fashioned wall fan turning from left to right, then right to left. The cupboards are still all the same, a little more yellowish, but thats what makes them even more vintage looking. The plants in my aunt's house are still the same, same door mat, same chor 2 breakfast, same, everything's the same.

I am the one who have changed.

I no longer find myself enjoy sitting on the rocking couch which I used to fight with my sisters just to sit on it.
I no longer find myself getting excited at the thought of playing firecrackers, when it was the most exciting thing to me during CNY.
I no longer find my hometown a lovely place.

I? I go after materials.
I was just a littleeeeee bit excited to go to Johor's Premium Outlet to buy cheap branded stuffs.
And everything I was excited about this CNY is and only is the red packets WITH money in it.

I don't want to change..

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